Sustainable food production
Job creation
Urban Agriculture

recyworks aims to apply methods of sustainable food production in Urban Agriculture.
By using underutilized resources, such as urban produced “waste” and urban infrastructure, recyworks implements actions in order to create a scalable business model that will impact local economies through new job creation and healthy food production.
The first working project of recyworks is the creation of a number of Urban Microfarms that will produce and sell Gourmet Mushrooms that are grown on waste coffee grounds collected from local café.
recyworks was born when a few friends sat together to discuss their views on what should be done in order to tackle issues faced in Greece (and elsewhere), issues such as high unemployment rates, children malnutrition and food production sustainability.
One of them had studied examples that were implemented in poor countries in order to tackle such issues. He had spotted that mushrooms, a rich in nutrients food (up to 35% protein), were used in those countries as part of the solution. Researching deeper he found information for others around the globe that are trying to grow mushrooms on used coffee grounds, a rich in nutrients resource.
That was the “Aha!” moment.
A team of friends, all of them established professionals in fields crucial to the successful implementation of the project, was assembled.
After months of extensive testing and experiments, the first batch of organic mushrooms grown on used coffee grounds were produced.
The next steps were the business model creation, that could facilitate the creation of a scalable business and the funding of the project.
recyworks participated in two startup competitions in Greece and has currently won both of them. The second competition is a EU funded competition and recyworks as a National Finalist will take part at 4th of September in Amsterdam at the European Finals competing against the Europe's finest.
recyworks needs your support in order to successfully manage to become one of the pioneers in Urban Agriculture in Europe.